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Vertigo Relief, Dizziness Relief, Dizzy, Meniere’s Disease Relief, Disequilibrium, Vertigo, Dizziness, Meniere’s , Meniere’s Disease, endolymphatic hydrops, hydrops, SEH, BPPVWhen one begins experiencing the sensation of vertigo, he or she may live in fear of when the next episode will occur. Vertigo can hit at any time, without warning. While it is not considered life-threatening, it can be dangerous if the attack occurs while one needs to be in control of his actions, such as when driving or on a high ladder.

Care Options for Vertigo

It is generally believed that vertigo stems from a problem within the ear, such as too much fluid build-up. In some cases, this is the problem if one has an ear infection or similar issue. There are some situations where ear problems are not the underlying cause of vertigo. These are referred to as central vertigo.

Usually, a general practitioner will begin by prescribing a medication that will lessen the fluid within the ear. Or your doctor may suggest particular exercises to reset the crystals of the inner ear. One doctor even recommends trying a somersault in a certain way to do this. These methods have helped some cope with vertigo, but others have found they do not do the trick. Is there anything else that may help vertigo sufferers?

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How Upper Cervical Chiropractic Can Help

A study looked closely at 60 patients and out of the 60, 56 of them recalled having some form of head or neck trauma in the past. They were all given adjustments to the upper cervical spine – the C1 and C2 vertebrae. After upper cervical care, 48 of them reported that it was completely gone, while 12 said that they saw marked improvement.

At Zehr Chiropractic, we focus on getting similar results by using a gentle method to help the bones of the neck realign naturally. We do not pop or crack the spine. A misalignment in this part of the spine can negatively affect the vestibular or balance system of the body. Once corrected, many patients report seeing their condition improve or disappear.

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Every once in a while someone will say "My brother/husband/friend/neighbor wants to come and see you but doesn't want to have x-rays."  This person will either choose not to see a chiropractor period or see someone who chooses to see patients without x-rays. (more…)

I don't know how some doctors do it.  Most oncologists have never had cancer.  Most orthopedic surgeons have never gone under the knife.  Few therapists have ever fought overseas and experienced post traumatic stress disorder.  It must be hard to have empathy if you've never experienced the condition for yourself.




The White stuff is here in West Michigan and it's getting cold outside.  Its is a time for sledding, snowmen, skiing, snowball fights, and school cancellations.  It is also a time for weather-related slips, trips, and falls on icy surfaces.  These injuries can trigger (or re-aggravate) spinal problems.  This can lead to neck pain, back pain, sciatica, and headaches.  Of course, the doctors of Zehr Chiropractic are well equipped to treat these when injuries when we see them, but the following steps may help you prevent such an injury.


Steroid injections are a very commonly used tool in the medical community for dealing with lower back pain, but does this seemingly safe practice have a downside?  Well, according to a recent study, steroid injections may pose an increased risk of vertebral fracture in older adults.  In other words,  a broken back.


Have you ever gotten out of a car after several straight hours of driving and felt like your back was as stiff as a board?  Now imagine if you already have an underlying spinal issue.  This magnifies this effect greatly.  Let’s face it: the human spine was not designed to sit hunched over a steering wheel for hours at a time.


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